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Are you tired of retailers in the United Kingdom not shipping apparel, electronics, appliances, and other merchandise to Egypt? Sign-up for Ukaddress.com to have all of your favorite merchandise from Harrods, Amazon.co.uk, eBay.co.uk, boohoo.com and thousands of additional retailers reshipped directly to you in Egypt?

At UKaddress.com, we make the process of buying and shipping products from U.K. retailers easy and affordable, saving you both time and money – no matter how remote your location.  Unlike other freight forwarding companies, UKaddress.com offers a variety of shipping options including USPS, DHL, UPS, and FedEx for reshipping merchandise to Egypt. With UKaddress.com, freight forwarding and reshipping to Egypt from companies in the U.K. has never been easier. Simply reship , receive, and relax while your clothing, computers, smartphones, and more are reshipped directly to you in Egypt.

How It Works!

1.Sign up for your U.K. mailing address for a minimal cost
2.You can start your online shopping from your favorite U.K. retailer

UKaddress.com is committed to providing customers with high quality service that is easy and hassle-free. Whether it’s cutting edge technology, the latest fashions, or household staples, our incredible shopping tools and services help you find them, buy them and get them anywhere in the world –faster, safer and less expensively! 

UKaddress.com proudly services cities in Egypt such as Cairo.